In Vivesbarcelona we make image counseling workshops in which you will learn how to highlight the virtues of your body and achieve your professional goals. Ideal as a good WOMEN’S THERAPY. It can be a home service or also given in our contributor centers.

· DRESS ACORDING TO YOUR TYPOLOGY: Garment adaptation to different typologies.

· SEASON TRENDS: Last trends: prints, colours, effects, pieces, styles…

· WARDROBE ESSENTIALS: Everything your very functional wardrobe must have.

· THE PERFECT SUITCASE: We pack your suitcase for you and teach you how to do it yourself.

· PROJECT A WINNIG IMAGE: Image counseling directed specially to entrepreneur women.

· I’M YOUR CANDIDATE: Image counseling as an occupational women’s service.

· BE IN THE LATEST FASHION IN CRISIS TIME: How to adapt the last trends to your wardrobe essentials and how to recover your garments in disuse.

· MUMS WOMEN’S THEARPY: Special image counseling for recent mothers.