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Your wardrobe is full but you never know what to put on? You end up always wearing those four garments because the rest of them make you hesitate?

You need our WARDROBE ESSENTIALS service!

Our personal shopper will visit your wardrobe and after a complete inventory, she will detect the pieces with possibilities. And also those without any.

She will finally organize your wardrobe according to basic conservation rules and good use.

This way, you will be able to easily find and identify the possible combinations we will point out for you.

The personal shopper will show you what pieces and accessories you should have in your wardrobe for it to be functional and easy. You will learn how to avoid loads of unfunctional clothes you no longer need or wear.

PRICE: 70 € per hour.

Once your wardrobe organized, we can buy together those garments that will perfectly complement and give value to the ones you already have with our RENEW YOURSELF service.

It includes 2h wardrobe essentials service + 2h shopping

PRICE: 250 €